Two Restoration Questions

Dave in KC

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I have a 310 Sidewinder that I need to change burners in. I have not had luck with these in the past, and
often times break off the manifold bolts. I don't believe these are stainless, as every time they seem
to be rusted. I have not even attempted to remove these yet. I did give them a good squirt of PB Blaster
tonight though. I know sometimes its good to heat them up. Would firing up the grill to about 600
be of any help?

Next, I have a SP320 that I am in the middle of redoing also. The former owner accidentally turned on
side burner with the lid closed and melted the pot holder he had left on it. This is the end result after
about 30 minutes with Barkeepers Friend and also Goo-Gone.

Any advice on the manifold bolts or how to remove that hideous mark on the lid is welcome.

Dan Leighton

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The bolts definitely are not stainless on that 310. Either there was a change after the 2007 model year or the bolts were put in backwards. The 2007 had castings to hold the head of the bolt from spinning on the inside of the fire box. The nut was located on the outside to hold the manifold in place. Same castings was what held the front & rear frame bolts from spinning. On the potholder, I'd try heading up the lid with the burner and use steel wool in the direction of the grain to remove the plastic goo off the stainless lid.


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Yes dave, heating the grill should heat up the manifold bolts a good deal. Otherwise, a propane torch would work wonders. Several applications of PB blaster before hand would help too.

I don't really have a sure fire solution to the burner lid other than finding a donor grill. Without a better solution, I would try Dan's solution but instead of steel wool, use a genuine 3M Heavy duty Scotch Brite pads. According to Larry, the steel wool will work, but leave behind tiny particles of steel which will eventually rust and make a mess on the stainless steel.

J Grotz

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I second what Bruce said; PB Blaster and a blow torch was how I got mine out. I think the blow torch will focus the heat where it’s needed.


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Yeah not sure what folks see in that BK Friend. I tried it and it did nothing. Try a solvent i.e. mineral spirits, lacquer thinner or such with steel wool. Don't be scared of the thing you will not hurt it. I would not do the heating up though if trying the solvents or goo gone for that matter

Jon Tofte

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Bar Keeper’s Friend has helped me out with grill projects and other stuff, but I have to agree with Larry about using a solvent. I would toss in to try using a razor scraper with a brand new blade after letting the solvent do its thing for a while.