Two at a Time

Richard Garcia

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What is your Plan-of-Action when lighting and operating two(2) Weber 22" Charcoal Kettles at the same time? I need to Grill some thick Pork Chops/Steaks for around fifteen(20) persons next week and I have never lighted-up two(2) Kettles at the same time. What is the most efficient way to maintain the needed temperature on both Kettles for a 2-3 hour duration?
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Brad Olson

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If you only have 1 chimney, fill it full and when it's lit divide the coals between the grills. Since the bottom coals in the chimney will be more consumed than the others, try to get equal amounts of bottom coals and top coals in each grill - tongs will likely be required. Arrange the lit coals in each grill so that they evenly ignite the unlit coals that you've put in each bowl.

Of course, this is a perfectly legitimate reason to buy a second chimney, too.;)

J Grotz

Two large chimneys is the way to go. When I need a full chimney of lit, I fill one chimney full of unlit, then dump half of it in a 2nd chimney and light them both off with starter cubes. In my experience, when lighting a full chimney, the coals on the bottom are significantly burned down by the time the ones on top light off at all.


So, a little late to the party.... but, we did a large burger burn here at my work and me and a couple of co-workers got tagged with the grilling. They rented a pit style BBQ grill that pulls behind a truck. We got 3 chimneys and a turkey fryer burner to get things going. The turkey fryer burner gets a chimney burning quickly. We ended up using something like 6 20lb bags of charcoal. It was so hot that we had a hard time managing the grill.