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Going to cook a friends turkey on the roto. Just go it last Saturday, and only have three cook on it, all of which were very good. Now the question: on all the cooks I've done on it I've had the coals directly under the food. Is this okay to do with a turkey? My gut tells me to use the charcoal baskets off to the side. I think this because of the larger size of the bird (being closer to the coals) and the longer cook time that a turkey needs. I don’t want to burn thw skin. Any thoughts on this?
I would use the baskets. Weber has only a few rotisserie recipes on their website; all say to setup the grill using the indirect method. None show the actual setup used, but I think you'd want the coals on each side of the turkey.
Thats what I was leaning towards. Direct heat is great for chickens and pork loin, but for a big bird I think I'll follow your advice.
I've done many rotisserie birds and yes you do want to cook the turkey indirectly. Mike Vrobel of Dad Cooks Dinner has a good description on how to setup the grill. http://www.dadcooksdinner.com/2010/11/rotisserie-turkey-dry-brined-with.html

A word of caution, I find that things tend to cook a lot quicker on the rotisserie even when carefully controlling the temperature of the grill. Be sure to get the grill at the temp you want to cook before putting the turkey on. I cook at 425 for 30 minutes and then back it down to 325 for the remainder. The skin comes out great.

Good luck.
Six I hope you plan on sharing some pics of your Roto turkey..... Mine has not come from Amazon yet and I would love to see big bird spinning.

Happy Thanksgiving Buddy.
Please post a link to your Photo Gallery thread here...don't want to miss your photos. Don't see many turkey roto photos. Have a great day!