Turkey in Rotisserie


David P Harrisburg

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Has anyone done a Turkey on the rotisserie? I have spatchcocked them with a slow n sear turned out great. This year was thinking of spinning the bird. It`s a 13 lber will use a cajun bandit rotisserie. I have spun chickens and they turn out great. If anyone has done a Turkey how big and how long.
I've spun a bunch of them. Always turned out super most and the skin crispy. Just be sure not to fill them with a dense stuffing. Loosely packed fruit, onion, herbs, etc. are fine. Never did one that small though, usually 16 to 20#. Waited until the skin was medium golden brown and then started checking IT. Pulled when the thigh was at 175F.
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Can’t speak to time as I’ve not done a single bird that weight but, from the old indirect method from Weber’s old paper book, it was 11 minutes a pound unstuffed 13 per pound stuffed. Those unstuffed numbers are what I used for many years and I never had a failure. Maybe a little different spinning but, you should be just fine, someone will chime in in a minute!😉
One can only use the numbers as a guide, you have to factor in; size of bird, type of charcoal & most importantly outside temperature. I like to start with maybe 3/4" of a chimney of charcoal & add a handful of briquettes as needed, this slows the cook down a little & allow you to get some color on the "BRINED" BIRD, ENJOY!
I’ve done turkey parts of that size and cook times can be 90-110 minutes, indirect with higher heat, 350°. Breast to 162/3° then rested and thighs abound be 170/175° at the same concurrent time.
I've done a couple now on clear cold days (for the UK anyway). You'll be surprised at how fast they cook, I would be looking at nearer 2.25 hours. Never had crispy skin on a rotisserie though
Well folks I didn`t spin the turkey. For some reason the 13 lb Butterball turkey did not want to thaw out. Pulled the turkey from the freezer Sunday afternoon and thursday morning was still partially frozen. I spatchcocked the turkey because of time. About 2 hrs 15 min . Temp on kettle got away from me using Jealous Devil briq. 390 ish . Wasn`t a good cook, but my wife saved the day with her filling and sweet potatoes, baked corn and gravy.