Traveler - Source to get Tank Holder & Trivet?



Anybody know of a US source or good international source that would reasonably ship to the US?

I'm trying to get the Tank holder and Trivet designed by Weber for the Traveler. It seems these are sold only in Australia and New Zealand market. I called Weber US to see if could order the parts today but they cannot locate in their US system. I've looked around the internet too.

1. TANK HOLDER for Traveler (schematic from AU/NZ manual): It seems to hold between 5lb and 20lb LP tanks. The Tank holder comes included with all Travelers sold in AU/NZ market.

TANK HOLDER_Weber Traveler.jpgTANK Holder Schematic for Weber Traveler LP_region AU-NZ.jpg

2. TRAVELER TRIVET (Weber #18472). This wire lowers pots closer to burners so you can do things like boil water, make soups, make coffee, etc...

Traveler Trivet_2.jpgTraveler Trivet.jpg

BTW, there are some neat accessories and the new style Baby-Q on the Australian Weber website.

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I have no idea why Weber does that to the US market.
Yeah, Weber seems to let our Aussie brethren have just a little more fun grilling than us in the US.

I contacted Weber Australia too but they won't ship to the US. The tank holder and trivet seem to be some kind of contraband or something. Who knew?
Yah, I don't understand why they intentionally separate their different markets like that. The problem with the Traveler is that it is not popular enough for the aftermarket crowd to get involved. If so, they would make duplicate or similar accessories and market them anywhere they thought they could make a buck on them. But, they need to work in quantity to make it worth while.
You're right. There aren't too many accessories yet but on the upside so far, the aftermarket accessories have been relatively inexpensive.

For instance, only one aftermarket place had SS grates. The Onlyfire SS rods are almost 2x as thick as the grates on my Weber Original charcoal Kettles. Luckily, a pair only set me back $22 (now $17.49 on Amazon). Very good quality from Onlyfire. I wanted SS so I could easily brushed them clean and not worry about rust.

I've used my new traveler a few times now and really like it. I've done steak/lamb on the SS grates and done breakfast a few times on pair of Onlyfire solid CI gridde plates I also bought. Griddle is fun. I'm still learning to cook on a gas grill versus my decades using charcoal. So far the only major downside of Traveler I see is that it lacks a 2nd burner to allow an indirect cooking or keep warm side. The traveler makes for a much faster / cleaner cooking experience so I don't feel guilty throwing just one steak on like I would if firing up a charcoal grill.
Funny, I swear I saw one of these grills on Craig's list about a month ago. And... I just did a search for it - still there. It was the only one I'd ever heard of until Mike posted this thread. Very cool grill.



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It has been listed for a month. I would offer $100 and see what happens.

There are scammers around here listing them for $85 in mint condition.

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I believe they came out in 2021 so not as many used yet. $200 is fair but never hurts to start lower like Bruce said.

New list price is currently $400 for regular black and $450 for limited colors (Red, Blue, and Stealth Black). In my area, I see used regular black ones on FB usually for $250-$300. The colors almost never pop up.
Thanks. I’ve never ordered from that seller before so need to look into them before I pull the trigger.