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Been pondering getting a smoker for a bit and with some recent time off work I started lurking and researching. This past Friday I decided to start shopping around and looking for a used 22" WSM. I figured if nothing used popped up I'd probably find some sales come labor day for a new one.

Last night a 22" popped on FB MP in the next town over. So, I started a conversation and asked for some more pictures last night.
Pics were in my email when I got home from church this afternoon.

I emailed the guy with an offer and BAM...
I the proud owner of a New (to me) 22" WSM.


Local grocery runs a military discount on Monday's and I'm not back to work until Thursday...so it looks like I'm buying a butt and smoking Tuesday. Figured I might as well throw some meat in there while I do a test run and learn how she runs.

Pretty stoked.

I've got a six channel digital thermometer that was given to me last Christmas (buddy pushing me to get a smoker). Reviews I've read from some forums say it's a good one (we'll see). I've got some Kingsford and some hickory chunks, and a basic rub I'm going to throw together.

Any suggestions are welcomed.



Good call on first run with a pork butt, it's a VERY forgiving cut.

Welcome to the Dark Side. Hippo birdie.... and :beer: for your service.

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Nice! Welcome to the group. I just smoked my first butt yesterday and it turned out great. Good luck and keep reporting back to us on your progress.

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Best advice I can think of is to make small adjustments and give them time to take affect. It's easier to bring the temperature up than it is to bring it down. Don't open the lid to peek. Don't get obsessed checking temps all the time, in fact I would recommend learning to cook without the thermometer. I almost never use a thermometer in the cooker or the meat.

Timothy F. Lewis

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Not peeking is a very difficult thing to control! It seems that every time someone comes over when I’m smoking something the first bleeping thing that they want to do is “See how it’s doing?” I have to really control myself to not bellow at folks sometimes. It’s pretty normal for people to want to see but, just sit down, have a cocktail and wait like the rest of us!
I don’t chase the five degree window, a 25 degree swing is pretty easy to control, once you get the control dialed in, it’s all fun! The first couple you will probably make yourself a little nuts, I sure did. But, after you get a few butts pulled and fed to rave reviews, you will settle down.
Good luck.
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