Three Unusual Barbecue Restaurant Locations


Steve Hoch

Great video Chris. I personally love stopping at places like this while traveling. Unfortunately, the rest of my family isn't as open minded. You should have posted your itinerary to get suggestions as to where to stop along the way 🙂

Timothy Hoffman

TVWBB All-Star
This is the only way to travel. My wife and I always seek out the small one of type joints. Our favorite so far has to be Mick's in North Little Rock. Just a tin shack next to the road across from the railroad tracks. His father started it after learning how to BBQ from Jim Neely in Memphis. Jim's Interstate BBQ in Southaven MS is our second favorite BTW.

Dustin Flavell

Wow now that was a trip down memory lane for me! I ate at the Joes in Kansas City Kansas in 2005. Then it was a Sinclair gas station not a Shamrock. We ended up there by chance. My wife and I flew into Kansas City so I could cook Tri-Tip for the wedding since the Bride was form Cali and then tri-tip was not well known in that area. We needed gas in the rental to make the trip to Springfield and happened into Joes. It wasn’t planned but we decided to eat an early lunch. Can’t remember everything we had (think I had a pulled pork sandwich) but I remember it be very good. The onion rings were memorable for my wife as we had to stop by Joes on the way back for onion rings to go. I would recommend and would go back myself if I ever get back to that area. Great find Chris!

Clay Neubauer

TVWBB Super Fan
Good job. When I'm on a road trip or vacation, I basically refuse to eat at a chain place or anything I could have at home. Sometimes the kiddos grumble about going off someplace in the boonies, but usually even they like the place I found.

Dustin Dorsey

TVWBB Hall of Fame
I would just point out that a Buccee's barbecue sandwich is still a gas station sandwich so plan accordingly. We hit one on the way to Austin and then I hit every restroom on the way back. I can't be sure it was the Buccee's but it seems the logical choice. I probably grabbed one that had been sitting under the heatlamp too long. They have time stamps on them though so it's most likely on me.