ThermoWorks Black Friday deals are live - up to 50% off some items


Chris Allingham

Staff member
Thermapen ONE 30% off
Signals 30% off
Smoke X 30% off
IRK-2 Infrared Gun 35% off
Silicone hotpads 30% off
Pro-Series probes 25% off
15% off everything else sitewide!

If you're wanting the regular Smoke and/or Billows...all I can say is enjoy Thanksgiving, sleep-off all those calories until Friday, check back here.
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Are they trying to make up for a year of possible low sales, or are they just showing us what their margins really are on these products.


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I am thinking they are feeling the pinch from other sellers of like products. Their sales are probably flagging a bit over the last year. Partially from competition and partly from the economy.

Chris Allingham

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I don't think this is anything new. You can look back in this subforum over the last few years and see posts for 25-30% off sales on all of the most popular products, and occasional 50% sales on more obscure items they want to blow out like silicone spatulas and hot pads.


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They had similar BF deals last year.
I just got a customer loyalty email for an additional 10% off on a thermapen one stacked on the 30% off

Jon Tofte

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I am not surprised since all their products are top drawer. Thanks for sharing, since it is easy to overlook some of these simpler offerings with all the electronic gizmos they sell.


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I wanted another for the shop as I cook for the guys on Fridays a lot. With One being ten bones more than the classic, I went for it. Orange to match my toolbox. And in case you're wondering I keep a plain 22 kettle at the shop.

Can't wait to try out the new pen. I have a couple classics and a Mk4 so this will be fun.

Jon Tofte

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The Thermapen One is very nice. I bought the Operation BBQ Relief version both because I support OBR and because I think the graphics liven up the appearance.

I hope to do a comparison - maybe even a video one - of the popular instant reads out there. In the meantime, I will say that I have long been - and still am - a proponent and even a fan of the attractively priced options from ThermoPro. They are a good company, with legitimate support. Their best products are solid performers. I will admit, though, when I got my Thermoworks Thermapen One I could immediately “feel” the difference. It is hard to describe but very real.

Not everyone needs a One, though. I will still say that the $15 ThermoPro TP-19H is very solid and will do all most users would ever realistically need. Now even available in three colors!


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Would like to see a comparo of the Mk4 and the One. I’ve enjoyed my Mk4 so much and my Signals, that I don’t think I “need” a One.

Jon Tofte

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I don’t have an Mk4 to include in my comparison. It has the same solid build, so overall the main difference is a slightly faster reading. I personally can’t see replacing a working Mk4 unless you are really fanatical about it or just have extra money to splurge with.