Thanks Gary- Question about the book

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Tom Hubbard

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Thanks for the book, very helpful.

2 questions:

1. When (and how) should a newbie start exploring the second cooking grate?

2. I know the book is designed to educate newbies, but what are your thoughts on expanding beyond the foods listed. Turkey, beef, etc.

Gary Wiviott

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Question #1, the 5-lessons of Low & Slow do not use the WSM's lower cooking grate. Reason, keeping the cooks as simple/linear as possible. I recommend completing the first 5-lessons before utilizing the lower/second cooking grate.

Question #2, My thoughts on foods beyond those listed in the book, delicious, any and all of them. I am a fan of smoked turkey, beef, sausage and pretty much anything that grows, flies, walks and swims. Low & Slow is essentially a method book, teaching the basics of Low and Slow BBQ in 5-lessons. God willing and the creek don't rise there will be a book two with methods, recipes and instructions for herds, flocks and schools of other creatures.

Gary Wiviott
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