Texas Sausage Recipe?


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Hi All I was thinking of smoking some Texas Beef Sausage. I need a recipe this NOT too hot. Also how to go about smoking them? I have a stick burner * and a WSM 22"

Dustin Dorsey

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This is my recipe:


You could always cut the cayenne. I go pretty light on it. I just cook it at 225 to 250 until it hits 160. There are some fancier cooking methods where you cook it at 150 for an hour to "set the batter" but I don't find it necessary. I find the hard fat from brisket trimmings holds up well. This recipe does use some pork. I included a recipe for using standard measurements instead of metric. The approximate should be very close but you'll be the guinea pig if you do the standard measurement version.


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This has been a projectI had been working on but had to be put on the back burner (no pun intended). I looked back at your thread Dustin and remember seeing it when I first started working on mine. Your sausage have alway been the benchmark I aim toward.