Teriyaki Flank STeak


K McCarthy

This is a simple recipe my father in-law has been making since before my wife was born. It's comfort food to her :) She loves when I cook it

Still a bit of snow on the ground. Nice and warm though, got all the way to 38!

7 minutes per side - I need a better camera


plated with broccoli and pureed cauliflower <Dr recommended low carb diet :( >
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Cliff Bartlett

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Looks delicious Kev. My wife and I love vegetables and could eat that broccoli and cauliflower all day long. My Mom used to make a similar style Teriyaki so I know what you mean by comfort food. Not sure if she had honey in hers but it sure sounds good. Thanks for the recipe and your pictures look great!

Rich Dahl

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That looks great and healthy too! Thanks for sharing the recipe I'm going to give it a try.

Barb D

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That is a great comfort dish for sure and so simple. Looks delicious and healthy.

Brian Quintal

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Just saw this post, brrrrrr that photo brings back bad memories lol. Peabody Mass here just done the street from ya. Thanks for the sauce recipe will have to give it a try.

Craig Alumbaugh

I saw the picture and didnt look at the post date and thought wow who is still getting snow in June, but the food looks delicious