TempSpike models???

I have the Twin Temp Spike, and in the app you do have preset temps on various meats, but you can add a new meat and give it a name and add whatever you want for a temp.
Completely missed that. And of course there are no instructions for this in the owner's manual. and you're correct. I was able to add "Pulled Pork" and set whatever I wanted. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I won't return them after all
It could have something to do with the Red vs Orange models. While they look exactly the same, they may actually be different. I notice the packaging on the red ones say only 350 ft range for bluetooth and the orange is 500.
Check it out Larry. This is on a Red TempSpike. I created a profile called "Larry's Profile" and made the Internal temp target be a nice tender 122 and I made the Ambient range from 450 to 500 degrees. That should get you a real nice Ribeye.

You will notice I already had one set up for Ribs.


Yeah, I did the same. I had no clue that was there. I scoured every instruction I could find and could find nothing. Thankfully I've got low friends in high places who can help me out :D
Yes I will keep and enjoy them now as other than that "glitch" I do admit it worked very well (even ambient) was spot on in full agreement with the sensor in the grill and my ThermoWorks Smoke ambient sensor. I mean other than the other somewhat idiotic menu system seemed like a solid product.
BOOMER problems......... Didn't you ask your grandkids how to do this?
Well the ones I see most are 18 mos and 3 years. Oldest one is proud of herself for beginning to wear pull ups. I think a remote meat thermometer might be just a tiny bit advanced :D
And the 13 yo's only interest is putting the food in his mouth :D
And I am going to assume the comment was given in humor but ordinarily that would have me REALLY po'd.
Well now that I know how to program this TempSpike gotta say I am really liking it. Used it yesterday on a piece of pork belly in Big Z and went about my business, working in the garage(s), Running the Kubota all around after installing new blades under the deck, and giving it an oil and filter change. No matter where I went on my property or in the house, it stayed connected rock solid. The ambient sensor is working spot on within a couple degrees of another independent probe and the grills own RTD probes. So for sure they're staying and one will likely be gifted to SIL for his b/day
User interface is a little "clunky" and such but it's darn accurate. I have a double beef back rib in Big Z tonight.
I just wish that every time I change screens on my phone I can stop the stupid thing from Beeping me with "Temp Spike Running in Background" For pete's sake I KNOW it's running in background. VERY VERY annoying
Got an email alert from Sam’s Club that the red TempSpike went to clearance of $19.91 at my Sam’s Club so I immediately ordered 2 for pickup the next day. I had looked at them the week before and there must have been 100 of them on the shelf on sale at around $47. When I picked mine up yesterday, there were only about ten left on the shelf. I checked online later in the evening and they were all gone. I could get 4 of these for the price of 1 orange TempSpike PLUS with smaller probe that I had been wanting. Point is, if you see it at $19, get it fast.
Just took the TempSpike on a test run on some Chicken thighs grilled on my Traveler. Internal temps measured on my red TempSpike seems accurate compared to my ThermoPen Mk 4.

TempSpike test.jpgGrilled Chicken - TempSpike.jpg

Chicken thighs are not the best to test since they are thin but couldn't wait to try the TempSpike on something. I didn't attempt to get an accurate ambient temp reading for this direct cook so I laid the ambient end of probe over chicken to protect it from directly touching grate.

BTW: This is one of our regular quick meals... the thighs were marinated in Italian dressing for about 20 mins. After cook, generously poured Robert Rothchild Roasted Pineapple & Habanero sauce that's sold seasonally at Costco (not pictured because we ate it too fast & I forgot to take a pic). That sauce is so good on grilled Chicken. Sometimes we put Teriyaki sauce instead.


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So while perusing Costco today I came across this. One thing I love is it is dual probes and WIFI as well as Bluetooth. I don't know anything about the brand or the actual units. Have never seen them before. Sure looks interesting

So while perusing Costco today I came across this. One thing I love is it is dual probes and WIFI as well as Bluetooth. I don't know anything about the brand or the actual units. Have never seen them before. Sure looks interesting

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I saw these too the last time I was in Costco. Was seriously considering buying myself an early Father's Day present for about 5 minutes. I don't really know much about them either but I'm pretty sure Steve Gow gives the single-probe version a good review in this wireless thermometer round up.

I stopped myself so I could do a little more research, which aside from the aforementioned video I have not found time to do. That said, I am also trying to decide if giving up the local read out in favor of juggling my phone is worth it. Especially considering I'd probably continue to use the Smoke on long WSM cooks relegating the wireless unit to shorter cooks on the grill (where presumably I'd be staying pretty close for the duration). However, there is something to be said for just having another tool in the arsenal.

Bottom line, I'm firmly planted on the fence when it comes to the idea of investing in a wireless thermometer.
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IDK why some think using an app is "juggling" your phone. You set a target and your phone alerts you when target is reached. EZPZ