Temperature difference


Danny Odom

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This is strange. Been enjoying my WSM for about a year now, and love it.

I put on 2 butts [total 15.5 lbs], one on each rack, about 2 hours ago. Outside temp is about 78 with very little wind.

Using the Nu Temp thermometers, the reading at the dome [230]is 10 degrees cooler than at the grate [240].

What's up with that? It's usually the reverse.
I tried reversing the probes from one unit to the other, and got the same result.

Based on the tips from the forum, I am using a cork for the probe on the grate and making sure the tip is not touching the grate. And for the dome, I have it skewed a little so that it does not touch the dome.

Perhaps the dome probe is directly above the meat causing a lower temp than the grate.

Or perhaps the cook has been to the cooler once too often.

I have a lot of confidence in the WSM, and everything I've ever done has turned out great, so maybe its no big deal. Just was curious.
Sounds like a localized thermal inversion to me
that happens to me pretty frequently, depending on what stage of the cook I'm in. Especially when the cook is just starting - for whatever reason, it seems to really be hotter closer to the fuel source for me.

I wouldn't worry over it though - it will likely even out even more over time.
It has, indeed, started to even out with the grate temp at 239 and the dome temp now at 243.

What a great smoker. I believe its time to just go to bed, dream about BBQ, and let the WSM do its thing.

Thanks for all the comments.