Temp differences..

I get the different elevation different temp thing.
That makes sense.
What I don’t get is seeing people hanging meat like ribs in a drum or a WSM and not having it cooked differently at opposite ends.
You’d think it would matter but i have never seen it mentioned in all the vids I’ve seen.
If you can get a 50-70 degree temp difference at 6-8 inches a rack of ribs should at least double that.
It’s gots ta be majic I tell ya :).
I've only hung ribs in my WSM a couple of times, but the end closes to the coals does get a little bit more char on it, but just the last inch or so. I think the fat rendering out of the ribs and sort of basting the ribs as the fat renders and runs down the side helps prevent that uneven cooking that we would normally expect. I also used a "fire dial" so the fat wasn't dripping directly onto the coals... I decided to that because some of the bigger vertical cookers (Gateway & Hunsaker) have difuser plates to put over the charcoal baskets.... For me the big appeal of hanging ribs is that you can cook a lot of ribs at once that way, do it pretty quickly, and to me, it's easier to do it that way vs using other styles of racks...
When I was young in the mid 1970’s I worked at a Mr. Steak restaurant.
We didn’t have any fancy thermometers.
We cooked to color and tenderness.
If we ran out of thawed meat we’d put a frozen tray in front of a powerful fan.
It was a nice gig and the waitresses were friendly :).