Tell us about "Famous Dave's Barbecue Party Cookbook"


Chris Allingham

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Someone on your staff was kind enough to send me an advance copy of Famous Dave's Barbecue Party Cookbook. It's a beautiful book, with full-color on every page, and printed in the US of A!

Tell us a bit about the philosophy behind this book. What made you want to write this book? And tell people a bit about the "party" aspect of the book. I find that part really interesting and something I've never seen in a barbecue book before.
Hey Chris thanks for your kindness in telling everyone it's a beautiful cookbook... with every recipe in full color the book is so stunning they'll be tempted to lick the pages!!! My philosophy was to create a cookbook that reflected how I got going with the original Famous Dave's... it all had to do with my infamous backyard BBQ parties. There are a lot of great "How To Barbecue" cookbooks written by some real BBQ pitmaster legends but as you say... there really aren't any BBQ Party cookbooks and yet... when someone calls their friends & family to come over... they always say, "Come over and let's have a Backyard Barbecue Party!" So this cookbook is really dedicated to discovering how to turn your backyard Weber grill into the best barbecue party in town! There are more appetizer and side dishes then there are main course dishes. But all the recipes are new like my Smoked Turkey Paninis with Blueberry Chipotle Mayo, or my new BBQ Shrimp layered over a Grand Marnier marinated Mango Avocado Salsa. Folks will really love this cookbook and they'll have the tastiest summer ever!!! Blessings my friend... "Famous Dave"
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What I thought was very cool were the 12 pages of party tips! There are two whole pages on how to use pineapples as the perfect centerpiece, exotic beverage holder, or food/dip container. Two pages on party lighting. How to wrap silverware...sandwich display ideas...even a barbecue sauce fountain! And more, like 15 tips for planning the most memorable party ever. Again, something I've never seen in a barbecue book before! :)
It's all about throwing the best barbecue party in town!!!
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hopefully everyone will order this great fun cookbook and then they'll have all the secrets to having their friends say... "WOW!!! what a bbq party and the barbecue party food was so delish... I'm gonna have to beg for those recipes!"