Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Machine

I have never seen anything expressly called "Espresso Beans". The most common product I find around here is Lavazza coffee beans But they're typically med roast not dark roast
This is a dark roast that I can  usually find at the Costco near us. It's very good and reasonably priced.


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I like a dark french or italian roast. Is there any of the brands that costco typically carries anyone would recommend?

edit: I posted the same time as Jay D, and I've never seen that out here in CA.
Costco seems to have a lot of region specific items. I'm sure coffee is one of them. If you've not tried it, the Costco Kirkland Colombian Supremo is very good and likely in every US store. That and Peets Major Dickasons are two of my go to beans.
This is a dark roast that I can  usually find at the Costco near us. It's very good and reasonably priced.
I've seen and bought that product at Costco before.. But, at mine it was one of those products with the * on the shelf tag. They were blowing it out at about $6 a bag. So I bought a lot of it. Have never seen it again
Yep. It was dirt cheap. They were blowing it outta the store. I had bought maybe 3 or 4 bags and it was gone. Never saw it again
Just brewed a pot with it this AM. It's good coffee. Costco always seems to have a few basics that don't change...Peets Major Dickasons, Starbucks whatever, Kirkland Colombian Supremo and than they mix it up with some temporary or temporary brand.
Costco coffee availability is definitely regional. We buy the standard Costco "House Blend" whole bean coffees in the 2-1/2 pound bags for our morning coffee. We brew a 2/3 and 1/3 blend of regular and decaf in a basic Cuisinart coffee maker, not a Technivorm Moccamaster.

Costco House Blend Decaf coffee disappeared from Costco shelves around Southern California years ago. At first it came back every year during the holiday season only, but now it is gone from shelves around here, period. It is available on the shelves in other parts of the country, but not here. Costco has pre-ground decaf coffee on the shelves in metal cans, but it is not very good. Because we like Costco House Blend Decaf in bags and it is a good value, every once in a while we put together a delivery order that includes decaf coffee, with enough additional items to qualify for free delivery. (Hint: Avoid olive oil with your coffee order. DAMHIK.)

We have an espresso machine with a built-in grinder. Espesso is an occasional treat for us, so we buy special roasts from Portola Coffee Lab for it. The grinder is messy, so I catch the overflow with a bowl, then add it to our regular morning coffee canister rather than put it in the trash.

For the longer term storage, we keep coffee beans in the freezer. Freezing coffee beans is not recommended by experts, but we have not found a better answer.
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Oh, yeah med roast they got tons of it both stores. I honestly like the fuller taste of a dark.

I know it is pricy and a little of a pain in the but to start, but have you thought about just doing a single order or a reoccurring order directly from Peets? If you do a single order, it may take a while to get that first order, as they send you the coffee directly after they roast a batch of that specific coffee. However, if you get on a reoccurring order it evens out. My favorite two are the Columbian and the Espresso Forte (made as a drip coffee), and I also like the Costia Rician, but it is milder then the other two. The French, Italian, and Sumatra are too strong for my everyday drinking taste and then after that there are too many choices for this naivest to comprehend.