Swap grates 1/2 way through?


Paul Pearson

I am considering cooking two turkeys at once this year high heat with an empty Piedmont pan setup.

I am wondering if it would be a good idea to swap the turkeys top to bottom halfway through the cooking process to get even cooking, or is that not necessary? I don't have handles on my 18.5's lower grate so I'm not quite sure how I would go about doing that.


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It would be a disaster if I attempted to do a swap, especially when you're talking Turkeys that are maybe 15 LBS each? I'd probably be more inclined to put one on as one is coming out. Just depends how many you're going to feed, if you can stagger them, that's what I'd do

Dwain Pannell

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You could swap them. But the grates are different sizes so be cognizant that you would have to move one off a grate, move the other onto it, then move one onto the now empty grate.

To me that's a lot of moving. I don't think they will be very far apart - maybe 30 min. If I were doing this, I would start them both at the same time, pulling whichever one reaches desired temp first, let the other finish cooking while the first one rests. Once the second is finished, carve the first while the second one rests. By the time you're done carving the first you can carve the second.
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