Summit Charcoal Set-up

Dave Wilson

New member
Has anyone set up the Weber Summit Charcoal using the BBQ Guru? I had my set at 260, hooked up the temperature controller and the temperature dropped rather quickly until I disconnected the device and manually controlled the temperature back to 260. At that time, I reconnected the controller and the temp dropped again. It was like it wasn't getting enough air from the blower - is there some sort of "magical" set-up for the charcoal etc??

I'm thinking of putting the lit charcoal on the opposite side of the bowl to see if that would provide better results.

I need to establish long, consistent, "I got to go to sleep" tempertures for KCBS competitions

Andrew F

TVWBB Super Fan
How did you manually control the temp? Open the top vent? Open the bottom vents? IF you opened the top vent, then you should leave that open when using the BBQ guru. IF you had the top vent open, and had to open the bottom vents, then you need more air from the blower. Unless you were blowing cold air on to your temp probe.

Dave Wilson

New member
The top vent remained wide open regardless if the BBQ Guru was attached or not, the bottom vent was completely closed with the Guru in place.- With the Guru in place, the temperature dropped quickly, it was like the fuel was starved for air - I think I need to try a different charcoal set-up
I have the exact same issue with my Auber on my 14in WSM. I'm about to give up on it. I've had 1 or 2 cooks where it actually held temp, its always drops temp and I just give up on it.