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  1. W

    Last 20% of my cooks take forever! Help please

    Last 20% of every cook take forever! Help please I have had Weber gas and charcoal performer for years. I have also had a pellet grill for about 2 years. I enjoyed the ease of the pellet pooper, but wanted something that was charcoal, nothing beats charcoal/real wood flavor, and also would be a...
  2. Bill Hall

    Flame Boss 500 vs. BBQ Guru Cyber Cloud

    Fellow BBQers, I am looking to purchase an ATCU for the purpose of overnight cooks. I do not use water in the pan so my temp can swing a little bit in the 18.5 WSM. I do not mind a little 20-30 degree shift but not quite comfortable with going to sleep and leaving it. Would also like to use...
  3. Dave Wilson

    Summit Charcoal Set-up

    Has anyone set up the Weber Summit Charcoal using the BBQ Guru? I had my set at 260, hooked up the temperature controller and the temperature dropped rather quickly until I disconnected the device and manually controlled the temperature back to 260. At that time, I reconnected the controller and...