Stumbled across a Junior <2 miles from me

Earlier this week I came across a “Grill for scrap” ad which lead to a very bad gen 1000, most of which is now in my trash container.
The only useful frame piece was the propane bottle support, which is essentially a 4” wide channel. A 9” section of it is now my igniter panel and looks like it has always been there.
Still need suggestions on where to drill the igniter hole.


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If you can get a nice, clear picture of an original you could probably get decals made to match the markings for not too many bucks as well as knowing where to put the igniter mounting hole.
An update......
This is hardly a restoration as this thing was so damn good to begin with.
Igniter and fuel level decals courtesy of JonTofte.
I put the old flavorizer bars in the trash and replaced with new.
As I seem to do with all my grills, added left side half table so I can keep my drinks separate.
Not happy with the stamped stainless grates, I think I will get a set of ss rod grates and cut them down.
I know that those for the Gen 1000 et all will work, but it seems that the 17 1/2" long ones to fit an early Spirit N/S burner 200 may work just as well, and probably cost less. Anybody done this?
Also looking for thoughts on a cover....
I am really happy with this grill, especially when I am grilling for just me and my wife. (which is most of the time)
It will be here for a long time, I think.


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Yah, you probably don't want that to be a permanent shelf for drinks, but if you have to set something down to flip your chicken wings, that will work great.
Looks fantastic! Another special Weber piece of history saved. Even better that it will be getting used. I need to get mine out more often. :smilekettle:

I think the little side table does help fill an odd void that seems to begging for something.

Rewarding to see my decals on your project. I did not design the fuel gauge one, only had it professionally printed, as the member who made them generously shared his file. The igniter one I created from scratch. I had to buy that unusual 1980s font to make it look authentic. Yours is the first Jr. I have seen one used on. Thanks for sharing!