Stokerlog 7.0 Release


A Held

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I hope I can get some help with this. I have been using Stokerlog since it became available and, with some minor problems, it the best log program available.
Problem is using Windows 10 Stokerlog just stops and will not respond. The PIt Pal program works fine so it is not Rock's Stoker.
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Vincent Carrocci

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I wish I could help you, amigo, but I'm still running Windows 7 (and will be for as long as I can). Fortunately, Stokerlog works very well with that operating system.

I don't know if Amir has made any updates to the program or visited this thread in quite a while.


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Hello everyone. Long time no talk. :) Thanks for the PM from Jeff saying the link is broken. We re-did my company's web site (someone else did the work this time) and I forgot that the storeklog download lived them. I just moved it to my other personal property. Here is the link: I also updated it on the first post.

Please try it and make sure there is no permission issues and works for you.

And yes, one of these days I need to update this app. Likely will develop some kind of mobile app rather than PC. Will reach out for feedback from everyone when the time comes.

Chris Allingham

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Given that Stoker has gone out of business, I'm thinking there's no reason for this thread to be sticky anymore.

Comments, thoughts?

Jim Bloomfield

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Chris I think that is a good idea. We used stokers for years because of it ability to graph the cooks when others did not. Now they all do and do a better job. Switched to Fireboard with our guru fans and gifted all the Stoker gear to a friend

Larry D.

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Chris, I still run my old, first generation Stoker (one of the first batch ever built, I have been told). So, until it breaks (if it ever does) I guess I will just burn a CD (yes, I still use them, too) with Stokerlog and Pit Pal. Go ahead and unsticky the thread. Maybe Santa will bring me a more modern temperature controller. 🙏