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As you may have seen in other threads on this forum, i have created a series of YouTube videos that describe setting up and operating the Stoker in various configurations. I hope to get 1 more in (accessing it over the internet). Anyway, here are the videos:
HowTo Calibrate:

Setting up as a Stand Alone Unit:

Wiring it directly to a PC:

Installing StokerLog:

Setting up on your wireless network:

Setting up wireless access up at a competition without internet access:
Hey Rob, nice job on the videos.

One thing I would like to point out is that there is something in the entry on setting up a stand alone unit that is in error.

You mention in that video that you need to link both the pit probe AND the meat probe to a blower. According to my conversation with John, you can only link one probe to a blower at a time. If you were to link the meat probe to the blower after you have already linked the pit probe to the blower, you are actually replacing the probe assignment, not adding to it. This would result in the temperature your meat probe is sensing as being the device that the Stoker is looking to for pit temperature info. That would subsequently result in the Stoker driving the blower constantly because the meat probe would always be much lower than the pit, assuming the meat probe is inserted into the meat.

You can still use the Stoker alarm system to alert you when the meat probe reaches the desired temperature but it should not be linked to a blower. And, just as with all the devices and probes, the meat probe can be renamed so as to more easily indentify it.

I apologize if my comments seem overly critical, but I'm sure you can see the importance of making sure this mistake isn't made.

Again, great job on the videos and good luck this season!
First of all thanks Rob. Your easy to follow video entries allowed me to set up a two fan operation with ease. I took your advice and renamed and labelled alll my probes as I paired them with their respective blowers, and I can't wait to give this setup a tryout in the next few weeks.

With regard to the pairing of a meat probe to a fan and the posibility that it may cause the fan to run continuously, here's a way to perhaps check that hypothesis. Set the pit probe target temp LOWER than the meat (say like 160F for pit and 190F for meat). Then put both probes in a pan of water. If the pit probe controls the fan it should shut off once the water temp crosses 160F. Then pull the pit probe out of the hot water and let it cool below 160F. If it is controlling the fan then the fan should then kick back on. If the meat prone comtrols, then the fan should run continuously throughout this entire exercise (unless you allow the water to cross 190F in which it will then shut the fan off).

I'm going to try this at home later today and will report on my findings.
Thanks Kit,

Vincent is right - only 1 probe can be assigned to a blower. After it's assigned it will have the asterisk next to it on the front panel.

It seems illogical to have the ability to set a meat probe to a blower. My guess is that the Stoker only knows of 2 devices - blowers and probes. A meat probe and pit probe are the same device so it doesn't care.


I have not yet tried that test I posted on Saturday. However, I followed your Youtube video #2 instructions to the letter to include associating the meat probes with a blower. After doing that, I set the pit temp probe target to 250F and the meat temp probe target to 195F, put them both in a pan of water and turned on the heat. When the water hit 195F the blower shut off just like I thought it would. What I am wondering though is once I put the probes on the WSM and fire will the fan run continuously until the meat probe hits 195F since the fan is trying to get the meat to 195F. In other wors, since I associated the meat probe with the blower LAST, the blower will do whatever it thinks is necessary to get the meat probe to 195F, i.e. run non-stop. If this is the case, then maybe I should go back and "disassociate the meat probes with their respective blowers?

Right about now I'm thanks "thanks Rob" for the suggestion about labelling those probe plugs.......

I need to clean up my video because it's causing confusion. In the video I talk about setting both probes to a blower when in fact a blower can only be assigned to 1 probe. If you followed my video and assigned the meat probe last then that "unset" the pit probe assignment. So the answer to your question is YES - if you have the blower assigned to a meat probe and that probe is in the meat then the fan will run until the meat hits target.

OK thanks Rob. I'll go back and reassign the pit probes so I don't cause the Stoker to "incinerate" my brisket, or at the very least "power cook" it. Appreciate your clarification, and the video's still awesome.
I have a Stoker on order and have a cook planned next week when it comes in and I am trying to get things setup. I ran a RJ45 outlet from my router so that I can hardwire the Stoker directly to my network through the router. I have seen your videos concerning wireless hookup but have not found much on hardwiring the Stoker to the network. I would prefer to skip the wireless route if possible. Can you run through the basics for me? I assume it can be done.

Sorry so late in posting ~ been busy. All you have to do is plug the Stoker into one of those ports not labeled WAN. Boot up the stoker and find its IP address using the front panel System Setup menu. Then use another PC on the network and using a browser type in:
into the address bar. You should then see the stoker web UI.
Given that Stoker has gone out of business, I'm thinking there's no reason for this thread to be sticky anymore.

Comments, thoughts?