Spatchcock times

Shaun H

I'm thinking roughly 10 minutes per pound at 300*. Is that a fair estimate?

Another question. If I go to 350* (helps with my macaroni and cheese), I'm wondering two things:

1. What's a fair estimate of time per pound at 350*

2. Is there any adverse effect at cooking it at 350*? Should I stick with the slightly lower temp of 300*?

I have a WSM 22


TVWBB Gold Member
Sorry no one got to you before the big day. Butr hopefully this will help you down the road.

I spatch 99% of the whole poultry I cook. I also run my pit between 325°-350°. No adverse effects. The skin crisps up nicely and the meat if cooked to the proper internal temp is nice and moist.

As for time I'd figure 10 minutes er pound. that will give you a buffer and enough time to rest.