Smoking on Weber q2200



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Success. I think I may have done it.
First of all please forgive me. I have a traeger pellet smoker that I use when smoking a half decent quantity of meat. I also own a Weber q 2200 o use for seating and quick convenient BBQ.
Due to kids getting old or household numbers recently diminished and I was wondering if for smaller quantities of meat I could use the Weber q.
Today I slow smoked some ribs for 5 hours at 150c and I have to say they were great. Maybe not as great as in the traeger but still acceptable.
Here's how.
First a smoking pouch. Silver foil folded into an envelope with traeger pellets added. Some holes made in the envelope.
Next aluminium water tray.
A silver foil wrapped cast iron griddle with a wire rack on it.
Pre heat to 150c. Place the ribs on the rack. Turn the dial to minimum. Come back 5 hours later.
They were really nice.


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Where did you place the foil packet? How big was the rack of ribs? Did you take any pictures of the setup?
Sounds really interesting.

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This has been discussed many times. I sadly cannot remember his name but he was from Australia and he had cooking on the qs wired down including smoking.

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George, it was Phil Hartcher, AKA Captain Cook. He even put together a Weber Q "BBQ Cook Book" back in 2009 or so. It was a pretty good recipe collection that included plenty of lamb, seafood, a kangaroo fillet, and roadside chicken credited to the TVWBB.

From Captain Cook's cookbook: " You will come across the term indirect cooking within some of the instructions. The Q has a single burner so to cook indirectly I use a non-stick baking tray with a rack inside it and place this on a doubled over sheet of foil slightly bigger that the tray. I also use a doubled over sheet of foil with a roasting trivet placed on top and a hole in the middle of the foil sheet to let the fat drip out. You could use an aluminium drip tray placed on top of the grill with a cake cooling rack on top for an alternative indirect method of cooking (less cleaning involved)."

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Here's my 12lb. brisket cook on my CharQ (2X00 equivalent).





Jepprey P

Here is the original TVWBB forum post by Phil Hartcher where he provided a link to a pdf document of his cookbook:

There, Phil links to another forum where he posts the link to download his cookbook, found at the bottom of that first post.

Phil asked nothing for a copy of his cookbook, but asked for you to consider a donation to a non-profit, so I will not dilute his message by posting a direct link to his cookbook.

Disclaimer, I'm an American with no ties to Phil or his philanthropic endeavors. :geek:

I like his cookbook...trying to find kangaroo fillet.

Jepprey P

I reached out to Phil on his Aussie forum, hoping for some re-engagement on this topic. Fingers crossed.