Smoking in Des Moines


Mike Freel

For Smoke Day this year we had one of our daughters, and her family, over to help us devour a Pork Loin, with all the sides, and homemade ice cream BFAD7F56-362D-42BE-A720-0F38A4E5CE31.jpeg

now that you saw the end results I will show you how I got there 6E03DCD3-E6E7-44AE-92BD-EB3C834F51E6.jpeg AC69E511-EA94-40B9-BF1A-60457B9285AC.jpeg A888CE0B-20CC-4A87-BF29-189A3940540C.jpeg 891B453B-F3AE-4A82-A867-1D629A21703D.jpeg F44A6C5F-1880-45BB-ACE5-FC4B40A47483.jpeg 2816931C-7085-46BA-838E-0011624E5FAF.jpeg
Granddaughters worked hard when we told them that the amount of ice cream they got depended on how much they cranked the freezer
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