Smokey Mountain 22.5" Cover


Neal Stonerock

New member
I have a 22.5" Smokey Mountain with the hinge lid modification, Cajun Bandit Wheel & Cylinder Lock Kit, and the BBQ DigiQ DX2 Temperature Controller. My original Weber cover will no longer fit over the smoker due to these added projections. Where can I find a cover that will fit, that will be secure and not blow off in high winds? It needs to be waterproof, but not be covered with a plastic film that will become brittle over time.
Thanks for the information, Eric. I was doing some research on the Weber 7153. Since it was made for the Weber 26" grill, I thought that it should fit on my 22.5" with the modifications but wasn't sure.
I don't think whoever makes Weber covers has a real tight tolerance from one to the other.
Since 2008 I've read posts just like this.
Some fit with the same mods and some don't.
I recently replaced both my Weber covers with ones from here:

I've got a Cajun hinge on my 18" and the Weber fit, but barely. New one has extra slack. Can't really speak to longevity as just got this Fall but is thicker & heavier than OEM.