SmokeFire Peaches


Terry - bbqking

Cut 5 peaches in half. Basted them with canola oil. (Didn’t have olive) grilled at 350 for about 20-25 minutes turning over once. Then movies inside, basted again with real butter&brown sugar. Placed in cooling oven while we ate. Then served still warm with vanilla ice cream. Turned out excellent.10EB6817-1393-406B-B452-BDD490CAA648.jpeg80A03A57-C3D6-4E8C-A07A-C69FA595F7C6.jpeg27C69EEE-3AED-479F-8ADE-8111549CA85D.jpeg
What does that mean?
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I also put cooks I want to re-create there. I do this thing were if I go into my bookmarks to review a post that I need for a current cook, I make sure to look at the others I have bookmarked to see if I do another bookmarked cook also.