SmokeFire EPX6 Stealth Addition - On Sale

Gotta start somewhere.
Go look a $1000 Traeger and you can see how good a value the SmokeFire was.
My brother bought a Traeger several months. Agree, most of the stamped metal doesn’t seem very high quality. But it was still over $500 cheaper than my Smokefire. But more importantly, zero issues on his grill.
All you have to do is look at so many Traegers and see they're the exact same hardware, stampings and other parts as many Z Grills. Doesn't mean they're "bad". Just over priced
To be fair to Traeger and I have no skin in the game I would think its a reach IMO since Z Grills stopped doing anything with them in 2016 to say what you stated of all the stuff or other parts as the Z Grills since I assume maybe a bad assumption that Traeger certainly could of made improvements over the stuff Z Grills were making for them. By the way again no skin in the game their are alot of happy Traeger customers out there as well as like yourself Z Grill customers. Over priced has to be decided by every customer who purchases these grills or any other grills some would say its a safer decision to buy a Traeger from Home Depot might pay more money but your buying a brand name that most everyone knows in the pellet market and you can wheel it back to Home Depot if your unhappy.
I started noticing when I was looking at Traegers (long before I thought about getting a Z) but when I started looking at the Z grill models I started seeing so many that were exactly the same. That is when I started looking for the connection which even now is apparently still quite real. But, quite honestly I really don't give a hoot, actually I kind of like it because it simply gives me more outlets for replacement parts.
But, also quite honestly paying $1500 for something with the big T on it as opposed to the same piece with a big Z on it for half the price? I'll rest there and call one over priced
Not sure just having fun where you are coming up with $1500 for the big T. They have plenty of pellet grills under $1k want to go entry level here you go for $499.

But “we” the users should not be part of Weber’s learning curve experience.
This is a common approach for developing software, but a more problematic approach when applied to develop “hard” products.

One of the more humorous illustrations of this was a quote from a former CEO of GM (I think) made in the early 2000’s. At one point it was brought to his attention that Bill Gates had made the statement along the lines that if GM was as innovative as MS, they would be charging their customers $3000 for a new car and not $30,000.

To this the CEO of GM responded, if our cars & trucks crashed as much as MS products, our customers would be dead and no one would buy our new cars at any price.
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If the car industry kept up with the electronics industry:
Rolls-Royce would be 3 dollars and get 500 miles to the gallon;
If the brakes worked as well as microsoft...
This thread is still going, wow! My summary on the Smoke Fire: I bought it in May 2021 and it ran bullet proof until Feb 2024, and then I had a series of problems with it. Weber Customer Service was quick to respond and stood behind their warrantee. They replaced; The Fan assembly, The Auger & Motor assembly and most recently the Glow Plug Bracket assembly and a Glow Plug. And they threw in a bag of Weber Smoke Fire Pellets, GrillMaster Blend.

I anticipate that my Smoke Fire will be in fine working order once I install the Glow Plug Bracket Assembly and if it is, I'll be a happy camper again. I would expect it to go another three years and imho, $1,200 pellet grill that goes six years is not bad, not bad at all. Granted, I was disappointed when it broke down when it did, however Weber Customer Service restored my faith in Weber and it's brand. My Kettle is 39 years old and still going strong, the rotisserie ring, spit and motor are 10 years old and still going strong. My 22" WSM if probably coming up on 5 years, and it's going strong, my 18" WSM is probably 10 years old and I abused the hell out if it and it's not necessarily a good smoker as it was intended, it's a great high heat (fire) oven for pizza and anything else you'd want fire roasted. Long live Weber BBQ's