Smoke Weekend #3 Salmon



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My third weekend with the WSM!

Hi all, so this was my third weekend with the WSM, we went to concert on Saturday so I decided to do a quick cook on Sunday. So I picked up some fresh Atlantic Salmon that was on sale at the local butcher. I followed the Salmon #2 recipe on the TVWB site. I only deviated with the brine, lasting for 2.5 hours vs the 90 min in the recipe. I used cherry wood for the smoke, first time with this wood, nice and smooth. Came out wonderful, going to take half of it and make a spread tonight! Hope you enjoy the pictures, would love any comments and pointers! Kepp on Smokin'!:wsm:

Post Brine:

Going on the grill, just applied the sprinkle on top:

3 hours on the dot! Perfect!
Question for everyone, the meat in the last picture you can see started to split which is the bright spots. Does that mean they were over cooked? or does that happen every time?
looks good! - what some folks do is, when checking the salmon, they'll take a paper towel and just barley place it in those 'splits' to absorb the fat that has rendered. Its easy to smash the salmon so if you do this, go in light! Really, its only for appearance - It won't taste any different. Salmon doesn't always do that, but it is pretty normal if you do it at higher temp (cooking not smoking) - Maybe Morgan or someone knows for sure. Look at the piece bottom left - see how its hotter to the side not over the pan? - All and all, it looks pretty tasty to me - good job!