Smoke or BBQ Gai Yang Chicken on the RMS 22"?


John Moncrief

New member
Last year I smoked Gai Yang chicken (spicy, garlicy butterflied chicken, Thai recipe). It was OK but not crispy. I had intended to take apart the smoker and finish up over the charcoal but was too frazzled to do so. This year I planned to do the same (four chickens) but this time intended to crisp it up over the charcoal. I did a trial run with the Cornell Chicken recipe (no water in the pan; 300 plus degrees), smoking until done and then grilling. I was still disappointed with the crispy quality. Maybe I did not grill long enough. Is there any reason why I should smoke it? I love the whole process of smoking but if it is going to be inferior to grilling, why bother?