Smoke Day, My best ribs thus far...


Gary H. NJ

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A beautiful day here. Firstly, I want to thank Joel and Chris for setting Smoke Day on my birthday this year. I worked yesterday, so today was "my" smoke/birth-day celebration. We had a couple dears friends pop over and shared good times and some good food too.

A pair of spares, total 9.4 lbs total untrimmed.

Trimmed to St. Louis cut, lightly rubbed with kosher salt and homemade rub.

Ribs and smoke on. I rub and smoke the ends, then save and freeze them for adding to my baked beans at a later date. Rubbed the ribs with a little yellow mustard to help develop crust (mustard does little to nothing for flavor on Q), and another light dusting of rub.

This little guy scampered by and stayed long enough for me to take a pic. He's the third blue-tailed skink I've seen in ten years here. This fellow has had a tough life -- missing half his tail (it's starting to grow back) and has a nasty cut across the midsection, which seems to be healing.

Sweet potatoes and one banana on the lower level. Smoked for about 1.5 hr until soft, then allowed to cool to handle. Scraped out of their skins, with brown sugar, cinnamon, butter and bit of cream and salt and pepper added. Everything mashed and reheated for serving. Recipe from Andrew P. Lang's book Serious Barbecue.

Ribs smoked over Royal Oak lump at 225-250 for 3.5 hours, then checked for tenderness with the toothpick test between the ribs. Right on schedule - about another hour or so should do it. Added another dusting of rub, then kept the temp to barely 200 for the last hour.

Ribs off at just over 5 hours. Rested briefly and cut and plated. Sauced just before serving, with more homemade sauce on the side as needed.

My plate -- asparagus with dengaku sauce and black sesame seeds, ribs, no-mayo cole slaw with cracked coriander seed and horseradish, Janice's roasted veggies (delish), and mashed sweet potatoes. Everything tasty. In fact, I think I've come to the conclusion that I prefer my ribs done with salt and rub only, sauce on the side.

The end to a great day: my wife made me a German black forest cake (schwarzwald kirschen torte). Beyond delicious.

Your slice!


I hope everyone had as nice a day as I had today, filled with good food and great friends. - G
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The end to a great day: my wife made me a German black forest cake (schwarzwald kirschen torte). Beyond delicious.





...everything else looks great too!
Absolutely fantastic Greg! Great lookin ribs and what a way to end off the meal with a cake like that... You are a lucky lucky guy!!
Gary great cook, but I think the wife stole the show on this one. German Black Forest is my fav and she nailed it!!
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">but I think the wife stole the show on this one. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
I have to agree.
GARY....I will try to find the recipe for THAT torte, without bothering you or your dear wife...I must inform, though, that should I fail in my search, I will be forced to, what an ending to the rib fest !!!
Gary, I do not remember where I saw a better cake... It looks fantastic, and I like sweets ...
...but also...
the MEAT is my favorite, so I must also say: I Do not remember where I saw a better ribs. Looks FANTASTIC!!!

From my heart, I wish you all the best take in life, Gary.
We know each other only through the Internet and yet I know (I believe) that you're a good person. I can feel it.
THX Gary.
Thanks to all for the kind words of support. I should have clarified: Our friend Janice made the roasted veggies. My wife Janelle made the cake. ...It's all good.

If anyone wants the cake recipe, PM me. Cheers y'all!