Smoke Day Map: Make Your Mark Today!


Chris Allingham

Staff member

If you'll be cooking with us on WSM Smoke Day 9, stick a pin on the Smoke Day Map!

Use the direction and zoom controls at the top left of the map to find your location. You can zoom all the way down to your actual street address or just your neighborhood or city--whatever you want.

Once you see your location on the map, click on the spot where you want to place your pin. Fill-in your name and a Smoke Day message--for example, what you're gonna cook. Click the "Place" button and you're all set!

Have fun,


Questions about the Smoke Day Map

Q) What should I do if I click on the wrong location on the map?
A) Click the "X" at the top right of the box to close the window. Find the correct location and click again to place your pin.

Q) What should I do if I see a pin that contain offensive stuff?
A) Please send an e-mail to and let me know. Be sure to include "TVWBB" in the subject line.
It's not too late you put yourself on the map, if you already barbecued or still plan to do so for WSM Smoke Day 9!