Smoke day in Norway, chicken with crisp bacon


Geir Widar

TVWBB Wizard
Just a few pictures, taken in a hurry of something I just came up with.

After a quick google search, this is of course tried before. I thought it was something new, and as usual, I was wrong. Internet proves once more that I am not a genius. Bummer. Moving on:

Chicken, chrushed bacon rinds, egg.


Dip the chicken parts in the eggwash, and then in the chrushed bacon snacks.

On the grill


A rather messy plate


I'm sorry, no final plated picture, but a nice salad and white bread worked rather well.

Happy smoke day!
I would have never thought of that! Pork rind covered wings on the WSM direct is on my future menu! How long did you let the coating set before you put them on the grill?
I think the coating rested for about ten minutes or so. The taste of the rinds are not too strong, and the chicken was very nice and crispy. This is a keeper.
I used the WSM because I made RSC Lampe style with my Xanthan gum twist at the same time. My guests are mad about the RSC, and ordered "the same meal as we got the last time" when I invited them for dinner.
Must be agood sign.
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">I bet they were outstanding!! </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
Gets my vote for a great snack-grilled chicken.
Geir, you, my friend, are one of the finest cooks on this site!
EVERYTHING you cook up, original or copycat, looks OUTSTANDING!
And this cook is no different... Simply Outstanding!!
Dear Geir,
Rinds on chicken is genius!
I can't wait to make this!

I also try to think up unusual things or ways to cook, and always find that others have gone before me when Googled.
But I'm just happy if it hasn't appeared on TVWBB before
Great cook Geir! This is my first with chicken and rinds. LOVE IT! Keep it up mate. Ohh and nice to se the food on the pics instead of the "stamp" art