Smoke Day 9 Pork Butts


Mike Coffman

TVWBB Olympian
Wasn't sure where to post this, so am posting it here.

I picked up 2 pork butts yesterday. The front one is 10 pounds and the back one is 8 pounds.
The 8 pounder is for one of my co-workers. One was seasoned with Simply Marvelous Sweet
Seduction and the other one with Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy. Both refrigerated overnight.
Here they are in their prospective pans, fat cap side up.

Put onto the WSM, using Stubbs Charcoal and a 70/30 mix of cherry and pecan wood. The smaller
butt was put on the bottom rack fat cap side down. The larger one was put on fat cap side down
also. Gave each a little more rub. Shooting for temperatures of 235 to 250 for the smoker.

I had a request from my co-worker and also my wife to do some ABT’s. 24 jalapenos were split in
half and coated with jalapeno cream cheese. Each one was stuffed with half of a little smokie and
wrapped in bacon. I then hit them with some Sweet Rub O’Mine, which is a spicy sweet rub.

Butts off the smoker at 198 and probe tender. Total time on smoker was 10 hours. Butts double
wrapped in foil and placed into ice cooler to rest. ABT’s were put onto the smoker with little room
to spare.

ABT’s are done!

Pulled the butt we are keeping. The one for my co-worker will be delivered whole as they requested.

Plated on a deli style roll with homemade coleslaw.

Great dinner and super Smoke Day! If you haven't tried the Jalapeno cream cheese, try it as it
adds a heavy dose of heat to the jalapenos!

Thanks for looking!
I'd call that a successful SD cook. One question did you keep the neighbors out of your yard?
Looks like you had a great day. Everything looks delicious Mike. I had to work today so my smoke day will be in Monday..
Mike, you had me right here............
Thanks everyone for your kind words. :) Matt, my neighbors were out of town
for the weekend, but if they would have been here I would have shared. ;)