Smoke Day 2018 in NC


Todd NC

It was a good, albeit wet smoke day in NC.

Started with two 7.5 lb pork butts. The one on the left was seasoned with Harry Soo's All-Purpose rub. The one on the right with Meathead's Memphis Dust.. Used my 22" WSM with a full ring of KBB and a handful of hickory chunks.


While the butts were doing their thing I smoked a few slabs of cured pork belly on the 18". This one was maple flavored.


This was a little past the halfway point. The WSM did a great job holding temps between 250 and 260 for the entire smoke.


Did a 1/2 batch of Ray Basso's baked bean recipe from this site. If you haven't tried this recipe I recommend it, these are very tasty baked beans.


This is after being held for a few hours in a towel-lined cooler for a couple hours and then a 190 degree oven for an hour (timing issues)


Pulled. No plated pics, but served with cornbread and some basic cut up vegetables. Very happy with the way everything turned out. We will slice the bacon tomorrow and use some of it to wrap some chicken bites for appetizers.


I hope everyone has a safe weekend as we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.