Slow Keyboard Response Times

Rusty James

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I'm not sure. I guess I could try another board and see. I take it you're not having this problem since folks have been out of work?


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No issues here. From what I've experienced over the years, most slow downs are related to the users computer. If I try and do much soon after booting up the virus scan is running, other times it doing updates.

When I worked for a living, things would slow down at SOD and EOD, I always suspected folks were shopping, reading mail and so forth at those times. No such thing from home.


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It's usually due to network issues. When you're typing on a forum like this it's different than typing say on a native application sitting on your own hard drive. So the key response looks much different when there is a slow down or congestion on the node you're running on. More common now thanks to all the people on the internet


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That's only partially true. Your browser IS a local application. The lags come when there's a JavaScript function running in the background that's trying to do something active with the backend, such as looking up user names when a '@' gets entered. A basic text entry is purely local. I have a wireshark running in the background, no data transmission. When I enter @LMichaels, I get a couple of dozen network packets for the name lookup.

So, no, not everything is a complete round trip to/from the host.