Slipping top grill


New member
I've noticed my top grill seems to be hanging on for dear life. Often when I put a piece of meat on it or move it slightly it will fall through. It's the top grill for sure because it doesn't fit in the middle. I'm wondering if something got warped when a windstorm knocked my smoker over. Any ideas on how to make the top grill more secure?

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Replacement grates are not miserably expensive. But see if it’s the grate and not that the barrel is out of round. My guess is that when it was blown over it got a little out of round.


Adam, what size WSM?? My 14.5 grate did that and members reminded me that the bottom grate is slightly smaller than the correct top grate. Once I figured out what one was top and bottom the problem was solved.....