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I bought me a used meat slicer a few weeks back
Globe GC-10
A medium duty they sold a few yrs ago

Bought it for bacon, pastrami, pork loin . Especially bacon. Needs to be uniform thickness to cook at same rate.

I love thin sliced smoked pork loin. Used to get it at a bbq restaurant i frequented travelling for business. Owner retired, daughter quit selling pork loin. So, make my own at home

I gotta say, slicing thin (1/16"), just makes lean meat like loin butter tender. It makes a huge difference. Huge. Bite thru a sandwich with 1.5" thick easy.

All im saying....get a slicer. some kind ...Whether you think you need it or not. Your missing out without thin sliced meat.

Pork loin is one of best bargains too...$1.79 - $2 frequently. But doesnt have the fat weight loss other cuts do. Yields more actual meat.

11 lb of cured belly soaking, smoke tomorrow night, slice/package wed probably

Now a question.....anyone know how to properly set belt tension, etc? Does it matter?

Are there any service manual type info that cover set up and adjustments of slicers? Granted its not rocket science, but with first use i figured to angle table back away from blade a couple degrees for best slicing, allows meat to fall as carriage is retracted back, etc.
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Get a manual HERE and they also sell parts--like a sharpener if you need one.
The back is always parallel to the blade-->even thickness of slices.

I usually place a baking dish (like a lasagna pan) behind to catch the meat. You may find you have to rotate the meat to avoid getting a heel if the blade is not 100 % sharp.

I've got a 1947 Hobart.
Thanks. Ive got those manuals.
They are superficial, dont cover assembly and alignment of components, not even how to change belt. Other than call for service.

I figured out what to do by trial and error i think, things were loose inside, probably vibrated from shipping , seller purchased at auction. I moved motor forward, tightened belt to existing stop setting, adjusted table (after freeing mechanism and lubricating) , tightened every bolt inside.found screw that takes up table mechanism slack loose in shipping vibrated totally out apparently. Some kind of direction would have been nice. But it purrs and slices like champ now.

Woman near me begged me to buy her 90 lb 12" univex for $275 but too big to move around.
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Things you can do with a slicer:. :)

Makes tremendous difference in bacon. Even thin slices cook much better, evenly

Thin pork loin...soft and smoky

Even ......pastrami...

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Love it. I lost out on a nice one recently
I missed a nice globe c-10 at $162 once, outbid at last second. With $35 shipping.

A lot of people go by ebays low shipping estimate and get hosed.

My seller used ebay $68 estimate... cost him $95. In wood crate, tight fit. They bought it at auction, resold it, still made small profit, even though i got good deal. With 5amp on motor nameplate, says 1/3 hp though, mine doesnt struggle thru anything yet, its really a great little slicer, and slicing full width bacon isnt hard.

Trying to slice bacon by hand.....pushed me over edge.:rolleyes:.
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