Shortcuts open website in full-screen mode


New member
For sites like yours that don't have an app, I usually create an 'Add to Home screen' shortcut (Android, Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge have this feature.). It works like a shortcut on your computer desktop.
I noticed the shortcut for opens the browser in full-screen mode, without the address and menu bar taking up space. I like it -- is this a feature of the forum software, or web page coding?

Chris Allingham

Staff member
Hi Pat,

I'm guessing it has something to do with the way the forum software is coded. I get that same behavior when I am using the Safari browser to "Add to Home Screen" the forum on my iPad. I also get the same behavior when I do it with But I don't get that behavior when I try it for which is a Wordpress site. So who knows? But I'm glad you like it! :D