Seldom Found: Genesis Silver with good bottom



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Seldom do you find one of these in the Wild with a Good Bottom

Silver C pic 1.jpgSilver C Bottom.jpeg
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That is true, but it does still look like it has some corrosion, especially in the center area. But, maybe that is just grime and grease.

That grill has the black knobs and handles, which are tough to find.
Yes Bruce that and the black burner I wanted. I tried removing the burner but stripped one of the little screws that hold up the igniter bowl
It does have some rust on the bottom. It also has the notorious Black Fade on the Lid.
It has melted on the stems of the panel knobs. Not sure what caused that.
Luckily I have the Top Shelf for it.

All the reason to convert all that is black hardware to a Platinum if I find one.

Silver C Bottom pic 3.jpgSilver C pic 3.jpgSilver C pic 4.jpgSilver C pic 5.jpgSilver C pic 6.jpg
The grill had a nuclear melt down inside the cook box and the heat/flames exited the burner tube holes and got hot enough under the control panel enough to melt the knob stems. I have seen quite a few like that. I think the cabinet has something to do with that. It holds in a lot of heat. I picked up a Silver B (without the side burner). The knobs were in worse shape than that but it still worked fine. The guy said it had a grease fire inside it and three foot flames and almost burned down his garage. As I was leaving with it, I notice he had a fire fighter sticker on his truck. I asked and yep, he was a fireman. LOL.
Good to know Bruce.
Maybe I will restore it as a keeper.
I orginally wanted the Burner for my Platinum but as you can see from the pics it has some rust spots,
You can also see where I attempted to drill out the right screw. (a mistake on my part)

Silver C pic 7.jpgSilver C pic 8.jpgSilver C pic 9.jpg
I love those last Silver grills with the black handle, knobs and trim. It is worthy of effort, but I am not sure how much you want to do with that one.

I look at that style as the last gasp of trying to keep the classic Weber design relevant in competition with flashy, cheaper imported grills with lots of fake stainless and horrible construction.
I do like the blue lid on silver colored frame though. If I find a nice rounded Blue lid, I may swap that in for the Skyline lid that I have on mine now.
Here is an example of one Platinum that was converted from a Silver C like mine with the Square top. However, I would like to do mine with a curved top with the Blue head you mentioned Bruce.

Platinum with C shelves.jpg
Yah, I think I had a square top blue lid on mine at one point, but it just didn't look right. I think they look best with the rounded tops.
I have probably ten lids of various colors I could drop on it. But, I think I will wait for that round Blue to make a change.