Screw size


k walsh

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Can someone please help me with the size of the small screws that hold on the propane burner valve of .y genesis 1000. I dropped the two of the below my deck into a patch of stinging nettles! I tried to find them but am covered in calamine lotion.
Nova Scotia
Getting the right size, thread pattern and length is going to be tough. Probably better off just looking for a Genesis 1000 posted as a curb alert and start stripping parts.
A good magnet on a stick might pick them up while keeping you out of the nettles. Since it's a 1000 you are working on my guess is they are not metric. To me, they look to be roughly about a 4-40 screw. If you can't find the originals with a magnet you might take the valve to ACE hardware (or equiv) and try to match up some screws by carefully testing them in the threads.
The valve must be different. The 6 was too large and wouldn't pass through the top cover to get into the tapped base.