Ribs, since it’s not raining


Daryl S

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Our west coast winters here in Vancouver Canada mean days up to weeks of rain.
To take advantage of a break in the endless rain, I brought the Performer out of the garage to do ribs.
Also got to try out a few Christmas gifts,
the new Slow N Sear plus a new rub and some bbq sauce. C62D3C04-220E-480B-B7E3-E18D0E4F7732.jpeg

Got these ribs from Costco dusted with the new rub.
This was our first time using this rub


Did a modified version of the 321 cook for these ribs.
Used some smoked bacon fat for the wrap stage.
Then unwrapped and drizzled with some sauce. 2B0410B8-6E08-4F63-A195-239F79725654.jpeg

Let the sauce bake and set on the ribs


Let the ribs rest before cutting them.

These are looking good.

Time to plate up dinner.
The boss made a nice salad and some gnocchi to go with the ribs.
The ribs were really good, as was the rest of the meal.

Finally had to have some dessert...177B6286-B42A-49AA-B6A5-D7785E522D9C.jpeg
This whisky has a nice subtle chocolate finish.
Very good but getting harder to find. A great finish to our tasty meal.
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Looks awesome. I suspect you are going to like the SnS. How’s that Cherry rub? I started using cherrywood for smoke, and it’s a close 2nd to hickory for me?
Looks great.

Been thinking at making some gnocchi but just haven't gotten around to it yet. As for the ribs, I've got 8 or 9 slabs in the freezer after picking up 4 slabs of St, Louis yesterday.
Lots of ribs going on lately. I am going to have to get some going also. Just looking at ribs gets the mouth watering!
Thanks, I’m just trying to keep up with all of you amazing cooks.

The cherry rub is good, definitely use it on ribs again.
I also used cherry wood chunks while cooking, which is a mild smoke but worked very well for this.