Review: Weber Grate Grill Cleaner

Chris, you used this on a grate from your smoker where you cooked at lower temperatures. I have tried this on my Genesis S330 stainless steel grates after a high temp cook and did not get near the results you did. It has virtually sat on the shelf since. Easy off for me on the SS grates.
Question for the members: can Easy Off be used on cast iron grates? (Not the enamelled ones) I worry it might soak in and not get rinsed off well enough.
You can use oven cleaner on cast iron grates but it will remove the seasoning. Just give them a good rinse afterwards, dry thoroughly and re-season them. I scrape mine with a wooden scraper before/after every cook to prevent them from getting gunked up.
Thanks Bob. I use the wooden scraper now too on my Weber Q grates. Got a Silver C to refurb for a friend and the CI grates we’re not rusted (which is unusual) but really gunked up so was just wondering. I will probably just use the drill/grinder to wire brush them and if that works, just season them again.