Reverse Sear 2 inch Ribeye - Hold Time?

TonyS T-Bone

Hi all, looking for input. Christmas at neighbors house has an Argentine theme, I have been asked to do the asado, and along w easy meats, I am featuring 2 inch+ thick cowboy ribeyes. Plan is to reverse sear. I will roast at 225-250F oven until internal temp reaches 115-120. Then I will finish off by searing on neighbors smokin hot grill. Q is How long can I hold, between removing from oven and hitting the grill? Can I cambro for an hour or so? Longer? Thx


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I don't know what cambro is. If tented maybe can hold 30 min without degradation. I would NOT wrap them tight as they will steam and it will badly change the meat texture. So I would not go longer than 30 min tented otherwise you just have "leftovers" LOL

Timothy F. Lewis

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I would avoid holding as much as possible. Definitely not holding in a Cambro for more than fifteen or twenty minutes, for the very reason Larry states.
Larry, a Cambro is an insulated container. Google it, you’re a smart guy!
They are very very useful! Just not necessarily for this application.


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If you think about it like Sous Vide, you can hold a steak(s) for many hours at whatever temp you target.
An hour in a cambro/cooler should be easy, maybe fill the voids with old towels.


Steve Petrone

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I'm chiming in late but had another thought. Perhaps you could do the first stage of cooking and then hold maybe up to 30 final sear when you are ready to eat.
(food police may or may not like that?)

Steve Petrone

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I'm not an expert on food safety but there may be a concern with holding at 120* for longer periods of time, perhaps there is someone who has the expertise to chime in.

J Hasselberger

Holding for 20-30 minutes shouldn't be a problem. I'll add that you can blot the rested steak with paper towels until it's dry and then brush on a little oil before the sear. Vegetable oil is fine. It helps the crust form.


TonyS T-Bone

It was awesome. Dry brined ribeyes, uncovered in fridge 3 days. Cook: Brought ribeyes to about 110-115 in oven. Rested 5 min or so then wrapped loosely in butcher paper. Held in a playmate for no more than an hour. Finished by searing on a hot gasser to 130 -135 deg. For the sausages - the raw were cooked in beer. Then those, along with the smoked sausages, (6 varieties in all) were indirectly grilled over lump till sizzling and juicy. I’ll send pics. HNY everybody!