replacement spit rod for kettle rotisserie

Ryan Burke

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Hey everyone. Been on this site for a few years but never posted anything until now. I have the rotisserie kit for my 22" kettle but my son in all his wisdom thought the spit rod was a sword and bent it. Called Weber and they do not sell just the replacement rod. Any ideas where I could get a aftermarket one? I bought the rotisserie from a co-worker years back for $50 and can't justify spending $180 for a whole new kit when all I need is the rod.


Dan Leighton

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If you still have the bent rod, it may be salvageable if you can find someone who does sheet metal work and is used to hammering. I'm guessing a heat/ac type that makes ducts could get it close to true. They may even want to give it a whirl as a challenge! Amazon has some spits, but not sure what size would match yours.
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Try, they sell a variety of spits. You need to know what thickness you need.

Timothy F. Lewis

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I agree with Bob, that place has tons of spits! You will need to sort out just which size you need, Weber customer service should be able to supply that information or maybe someone here can share that, something tells me that they are maybe 5/16”?
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Jim Strickland

My guess is you could order the length of dimensional square rod needed from a souce like McMaster Carr or even check other online steel sources. I am assuming you'll want Stainless Steel. Just measure the ID of the forks if you stiil have them. Just order it slightly smaller than the ID but long enough to meet the receiver and other end. Another idea would be to take it to a local fabricator or machine shop. They may have a piece that their not using. Good luck.


Mine from Onegrill is rounded where it rides on the fire box, I don't remember if the original Weber rod is/was the same. Something I noticed the other day is the rounded part is not quite long enough on the right side, the square shaft hits the lid as it rotates. Need to do a slight mod to one or the other.