Refried beans

Tony R

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Here is our refried beans recipe.

Start with a large can of bush pinto beans or Goya. If found this are the next best thing to doing them yourself.

Chop a 1/4 onion and get 4-5 chile de Arbol or 3 jalapeños

Get your CI nice and hot with a little oil and add the onion first. Move them around for about 3 min.

Then add your peppers. In this picture I decided to add more peppers at the last minute.

Add your beans and bring to a boil and then smash them.

Bring to a boil again and smash some more and then your done.

Smashe them to the creaminess you want.

You can also do them with a little lard instead of oil. You can do this with out the peppers.
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Brian Johnson

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I tried these last night for the first time and loved them! The peppers added a nice kick. Will definitely be trying this one again. Thanks Tony!


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pretty much my go-to for refried beans. I just made these again, used about >1/3 red onion, 2 dried hatch chiles and ~5 Chile Puya Enteros. I used a can & a half of S&W pinto bean liquid but should've used all the liquid from both cans (used 2 cans). I used a bunch of salt too, and added a large clove of garlic when I added the peppers. I probably wouldn't have posted but wanted to mention: use all the liquid! Quick & easy. Good stuff.