Raining … I busted out my slow cooker

We did just the opposite a few days ago. Broke out the fast cooker--the pressure cooker. Had not used it in I do not know how long. Made a realty good and quick beef strew. Someday I will dig out the Griddler, maybe even the toaster oven. My wife uses your method quite often-love it.
Yes it did. Especially when we took the buttermilk rolls out of the oven.

Very old school and a whole lot of fun.
We forgot a nice glass of white wine. I like Viognier myself. Oh, when making Cioppino, I make homemade sourdough bread. My starter is true San Francisco starter and I cook it in my CI Dutch oven.

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put this place on your list to taste at. you might like their Viognier, https://cooperwines.com/

i can guarantee you'll go home happy and with a few bottles.
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