Press Release: Weber Launches New SmokeFire EX4 & EX6 Wood Fired Pellet Grills

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Don't miss the 2:42 minute video embedded in the press's a nice animated demo of SmokeFire.

Introducing the new Weber® SmokeFire™ grill - A wood pellet grill to deliver Flavor Above All™ in your backyard
Weber-Stephen Products LLC
Nov 18, 2019, 10:00 ET

PALATINE, Ill., Nov. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Weber®, the world's leading grill brand, is now revolutionizing the pellet grill category with the debut of the Weber SmokeFire™ pellet grill – Weber's first entry into a fast-growing market – a breakthrough new grill engineered to perfect wood pellet grilling and deliver Flavor Above All™ in your backyard.

Transforming the category with an innovative new design, Weber's first-ever pellet grill is built to let fans Discover What's Possible™ with pellet grilling. The SmokeFire pellet grill is a low and slow smoker and a high-heat searing grill, all-in-one, with an engine that delivers precise temperatures from 200° to 600°, with the quality and reliability people expect from Weber. From its signature porcelain-enamel construction, designed to help prevent rusting and cracking, to a 5-year limited warranty, consumers will find that it takes quality and reliability in the pellet category to an entirely new level.

Taking input from an army of Weber Grill Masters and backyard pellet grillers all around the world, Weber engineers have built a breakthrough new grill, creating a new design with several new features that deliver superior cooking performance and amazing ease of use. These game changers include:

  • A Responsive-Incline-Drive Engine™ that heats hot and fast, for a high-performance 200° to 600° temperature range.
  • A unique auger and hopper system featuring a short gravity-fed path to the heat source that speeds up pre-heat time and helps reduce pellet jams.
  • Use of Weber's iconic Flavorizer® bars to distribute even heat across the cooking surface, designed to prevent inconsistent results and provide consistent, delicious food every time.
  • An easy-clean ash and grease drawer that simplifies grill maintenance in a whole new way by directing ash and grease down into a removable drawer, and away from the food, keeping food delicious and eliminating the need for a messy grease bucket.
"All of us in the Weber family are so proud to introduce the new SmokeFire grill – it takes all the quality, reliability and design engineering you've come to expect from Weber over the past 70 years and combines new smart grilling technologies with incredible new proprietary cooking features to deliver amazing flavor, Flavor Above All for grillers," said Chris Scherzinger, CEO of Weber-Stephen Products LLC. "With step-by-step cook programs, and integrated smartphone controls, the new SmokeFire grill makes it incredibly easy for grillers to discover new possibilities and get amazing results, whether you are new to smoking or have been searing delicious steaks for years. It's so much fun to cook on!"

The SmokeFire grill also introduces ground-breaking Weber Connect™ app-enabled smart grilling – a breakthrough guided-grilling technology which is fully integrated into the SmokeFire grill and assists users in getting amazing food every time they grill. Weber Connect technology was developed in partnership with technology company June, who pioneered and continues to lead the smart cooking market with their award-winning smart countertop ovens. Weber Connect powered by JuneOS offers step-by-step guidance on everything from setup and meal-prep, to smart tips and custom food doneness alerts, even providing an "ETA" on when food will be done based on food temperature readings and integrated grill measurement systems, from your smart phone.

The SmokeFire grill will be introduced early in 2020 in over 25 countries around the world, with all SmokeFire grills manufactured in our Huntley, Illinois, facility using globally sourced component parts. Pre-orders are available in the USA beginning Cyber Monday (December 2nd) on, and Amazon. In 2020, expect to find SmokeFire grills in other retailers who carry quality Weber products. Offered in both a 24" and 36" size, the SmokeFire is competitively priced at $999 and $1,199, respectively.

Weber-Stephen Products began perfecting grilling in 1952 with the invention of the revolutionary Weber® Kettle Grill. Decades later, Weber has proven its dedication to superior grilling by continuously innovating with new grills, techniques and expertise to allow its loyal grilling fans to Discover What's Possible™ with Weber. The company's extensive portfolio of high-quality grills and grilling accessories have stood the test of time and helped countless grillers to explore all the possibilities of grilling with Weber.

It all started when word of a June Smart Oven spread throughout the Weber Grill headquarters. The ability to cook with that level of precision, ease and guidance convinced Weber engineers to put down their grilling tongs and cook a meal in the kitchen. After one use, they were convinced that JuneOS needed to live in the grilling world. And just like that, the two companies partnered. The idea of grilling with complete guidance, stress-free and with delicious results on a Weber grill had to be realized. The June and Weber teams worked together. 1000s of recipes were tested, 1000s of lines of code were written and the result was Weber Connect smart grilling technology. A step-by-step grilling assistant that will turn any griller into a grill master.

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