Potato Gratin with Mustard and Gruyere

I've seen that one it's not it. The recipe posted was an original recipe, maybe from Gourmet possibly. I used to get so many magazines, hard to tell.
Hmm, so here's the one from Gourmet 12/95

That I saw, but to me the one from Bon Appetit was closer.

Gruyere is there but no mustard. Maybe you made your own recipe from both

Anyway it was fun looking.
I would love to take credit for making my own recipe, but I didn't. I got this recipe from some other source, that I know. Could have been Food and Wine, could have been Fine Cooking, Cook's Illustrated or Saveur. Could have been a number of other magazines that no longer exist.
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">but I didn't. I got this recipe from some other source, that I know. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
All I know is I'm thankful you posted it because I've made it or a slight variation on it, three times in the last couple of weeks!
This recipe lends itself to so many variations...almost anything you might have on hand. Right! Leftovers are great too.

Nice to see you posting, Jane. Don't be such a stranger.

In the middle of a bathroom remodel, and it's taking FOREVER. Finally got the tile chosen and held at the store. Ordered the caulk and grout from another place today, and for as cheap as you want to do it, it's all really expensive. We are doing everything, and it's still gonna run around $2K or more.
I hunted for this recipe today, Jane, after reading about it in the Doug's Smoked Mushroom Dip thread. Sounds delicious. My husband is not a potato fan but loves cream sauces, Dijon mustard and fresh dill which we have growing outside in a pot though it's trying to poop out in this heat. Thanks so much, as it does indeed sound good, pretty and easy -- all things I enjoy!

Figured by thanking you, I'd bump it up for the Fourth.

BTW, just did a search for it and found one with a cite -- says it was from the October 1992 issue of Bon Appetit. You reminded me of me, as I used to get a lot of cooking mags, and really miss some of them that no longer publish, especially Cuisine. I remember they had a cover that had the BACK of James Beard's bald head on it, one of my favorite covers of all time.
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I haven’t been on this site in many, many years and this thread brought back so many fond memories! I’m still a personal chef for over 23 years now.
Jane, thanks for bumping this! I’ve done a version of this for some time but, have gotten away from it, I might just have to make this this week!
Hi Jane, it's soo good to see another woman here. The men have taken over this place and all they want to talk about is restoring OLD GRILLS, and posting pictures. We need more good cooking ideas.
Jane, I've been making this, per your recipe, for a couple of years now and we just love it. So thanks!
You should drop in more often.😀