Potato Gratin with Mustard and Gruyere

Well I am going to toss in some pork tenderloin to cook in it. My mother always put them in her scallop potatoes. They would always be so tender. Will let ya know how they turned out later.
Jane, my wife suggested this dish for Christmas!
Unfortunately, I did not have gruyere and had to sub but I'll get some for the next batch. Thanks again for the recipe.
Hi all,

I have made this dish quite a few times and it is always delicious. Last night I tried something abit different and WOW! I used smoked Gruyere (got it from Boars Head). It added a new dimension to the dish. My wife said it was the best ever.

BTW the smoked Gruyere is a great appetizer to snack on while you ate peeling the potatoes (and a glass of vino).

Yeah Jane - me too. I love to try different cheeses and this one is special but hard to find. Happy New Year to you.

Just to clarify, was this Boar's Head product pre-packaged, or did they carry it in bulk at the deli counter?

It was prepackaged in an 8 oz pkg. It is difficult to finf however as all stores do not carry it.

Good luck,

This sounds like a wonderful dish. I am wondering if it could be addapted to be made in individual servings, maybe in a Ramekin or small baking dish? The recipe would stay the same just divided down per serving but would the baking part need to be modified. Also, if this recipe wouldn't translate well to my idea thats ok, I may just go with the normal recipe. I was just trying to figure out possible plating for a small gathering next week.
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">I am wondering if it could be addapted to be made in individual servings, maybe in a Ramekin or small baking dish? </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

You could do it in individual dishes but cooking time would need to be reduced. Actually, you can watch towards the end and see when the brown crust is forming and then take off heat to rest on counter as specified.

I get smoked Gruyere at the Publix deli counter. I've used it in your potatoes and it's good in mac and cheese too.

Jane, I've made your potatoes more times than I can count. They always disappear fast when I serve them to large groups. I bake them right in the chafer pans. It is one of my favorite starch side dishes.

Thank you, Rita. This is one of those 'go to' recipes that works for all occasions. I haven't made them in a long while, last time, I did a green chile potato gratin which was good, but not as good as these.

I have unsuccessfully tried to find smoked mozzarella here. I used to buy it at TJ's and Costco, and use it on pizza. All I found was some smoked provolone and TJ's now only carries marinated mozzarella in olive oil and herbs. I haven't checked Whole Foods here yet.
So, in trying to figure out what to make with my ham on my birthday (25th), I thought I would bump this up. Gonna do the Yukon golds and add onion this time.
Happy Birthday, Jane! That's some timing!

And it's on our Christmas menu again by popular demand. I'll be adding mushrooms and onions again. We prefer the red potatoes the best, then Yukon Golds too. They keep their shape so well, look great, and have a good mouthfeel.

It's a great recipe, and so flexible. It would suit anyone's taste.

Curious - is there really any reason to not use fresh dill instead of dried in this dish?

Going to try this recipe regardless.
Ray, I prefer fresh dill and use a little less than dried. This recipe is so good that it is making Jane famous.